Monday, March 16, 2009

Beckett's First Birthday

This last Saturday we had Beckett's One Year Old Party!! What fun!! Since Beckett was born on St. Patrick's Day, I decided to go with the lucky and green theme. We just had a small family party over at my mom's house.
Please note the difference between the cake I had made and the cake I made for Beckett-ha ha!! Don't worry, I'm not becoming a cake maker/decorator anytime soon! :)

Beckett did not like getting his fingers messy with the icing. He kept wanting me to feed it to him.

He's not having it. Who came up with this tradition anyway?

Get this thing away!
Em and Harper (Beckett's girlfriend--he REALLY loves her) It's adorable! :)
We're so LUCKY that Beckett's one and healthy!! Thank you God!! :)


amy said...

Praise the Lord for a happy, healthy first birthday! What a blessing. Noah wants to get together and play with Beckett sometime soon.

Lindsey @ A New Life said...

Such a beautiful boy!!! Hope you all are doing well!

Stephanie said...

What a blessing. Praise God that he's a happy healthy 1 year old!!!