Thursday, February 26, 2009


A week ago, one of my best friends turned 30! I can't even believe we are at this point-no, no!! I like to think we are still 20. :) Anyway, my other best friend and I decided to go on a road trip down to Waco to celebrate the occasion. We had a great time, besides the fact that I got food poisoning--yuck!!!

Happy Birthday Holly!! Love you!!

Harper, Emily, Holly, me, and Beckett at Cathay House



Mario and Andrea Rodriguez said...

No way ya'll went to Cathay house!!!! Too bad Bev wasn't there (I can't for the life of me remember they quote Bev has from there in her asian accent). These pictures put a huge smile on my face tonight, thanks for sharing - it's great to see ya'll together again! - dre

Kimber-Leigh said...

hi courtney!!! looks like you three had fun! and just seeing a pic inside cathay house makes me hungry :)

Holly said...

Love you too! I had a great time....I could not have asked for a better gift than time with the two of you and the littles! Heres to 30 years old and 19 years of friendship! -holly

blogisthenewtext said...

Excuse me, what? I do not see a link to my blog on your page.
I'm officially offended.
Have you finished those wine glasses for the Children's Ministry yet?